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Passion Predicts Success!

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Passion-Discovery Bootcamps,
taught by world-class instructors.
For children aged 8-14

Our instructors are hand-picked for their expertise and enthusiasm. Together, we help children to discover subjects which truly spark passion, and use this to fuel their learning and growth.

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Drawing Characters

Learn the principles of portraiture and character design and develop drawing skills. Digital (using iPad and stylus + Procreate app) or classical (sketch-book) options available.

Rachel Grace
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Learn to frame your world with an artists eye. From basics of composition and camera functions, to uncovering and cultivating your child’s unique perspective and interests.

Nila Salari
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Music Production

This beginners level bootcamp provides a thorough overview of the fundamentals of music and sound theory, as well as introducing students to the industry standard software, Ableton.

William Mahfoud
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Storytelling and Film-making

Along with a technical understanding of cinematography, child will learn to storyboard ideas, to interpret them via script-to screen processes, and to amplify observational and creative skills.

Shubh Chaudhary
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Inside Classical Music!

Be introduced to the orchestra, the musicians, the singers and the conductor! Discover classical pieces and instruments and find your favourite one!

Alice Fossati
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Personal Development and Well-being

Teaching students how to start thinking about their future, being grateful for what they have and learning mindfulness techniques for a healthier mind and body.

Sarah Boutros
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Spanish Classical Guitar

Intermediate level bootcamp, this fabulous bootcamp will school you in the art of music theory, notation and musical literacy, and helps you take that first step towards playing Spanish Classical Guitar.

Pedro Monzo
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Guitar 101 – Play your Guitar!

Beginners level bootcamp, designed to introduce children to guitar in a way which inspires a love for the instrument and lays a foundation for life-long learning and enjoyment!

Pedro Monzo
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Schooling & Tutoring at home through uniquely designed programmes. Talk to our Home Camps Coordinator to know more.

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Training Courses for Parents for Personal & Professional Development & Growth

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Milan, Italy

Alice Fossati

Harpist and Music Teacher
Graduate Academics Degree in Musical Interpretation
Conservatory Diploma, Harp

Stornoway, Scotland

Rachel Grace

Freelance Illustrator and Academic Manager
M.A. (Hons) in Psychology, Perception and Visual Cognition Procreate pro.

Glasgow, Scotland

Nila Salari

Freelance Photographer
Photography High National Diploma
Lightroom pro.

Dubai, UAE

Sara Boutros

Health Coach and Yoga Instructor
Health Coaching (INN) – Registered
Yoga Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer

Glasgow, Scotland

Mark Oliver

English Teacher
M.A. (Hons) in English Literature
MLitt American Studies and PGDE English

Beirut, Lebanon

William Mahfoud

Sound Engineer, Music Producer & DJ
BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering/Recording Arts
Grantee of AFAC Artist Grant

Prague, Czechia

Shubh Chaudhary

Cinematographer, Director
of Photography
M.A. in Cinematography
Amazon Prime Camera Op.

Patagonia, Argentina

Pedro Monzo

Teacher and Professional Musician.
“Manuel de Falla” from Conservatory
Superior of Music, Instrumentalist in Guitar & Piano

Prage, Czechia

M.A. in Cinematography
Netflix Camera Op.


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  • 6 weeks of online sessions with expert instructors

  • 1 hour-long live-stream class per week

  • 2/3 hours per week of offline assignments

  • Personalized feedback

  • Email access to your instructor via Anademy coordinators

Frequently Asked Questions

Anademy helps the parents to discover the innate passion of their child and help him nurture it further so that it can groom and develop it and take it into a future where child can have the option to choose that passion into a career.

Studies have shown that passion for a subject and a willingness to work hard are better predictors of success in their future careers than scores of raw intelligence or natural ability.

Passion Discovery Bootcamps are 6-week long courses, led by Instructors who have hands on experience in the field, and are themselves hugely passionate about the subject. Your child will be engaged in varied activities to develop knowledge and skill sets.

You will need a PC or tablet with internet access, and a basic (free) Zoom account. Information regarding bootcamp-specific equipment required for the sessions (e.g. A drawing pad and art materials for character design) will be provided upon registering interest in the bootcamp, and our helpful coordinators will also send a reminder on the day to class.

Any internet-enabled device with Zoom compatibility will be suitable for accessing the live sessions, however, we advise against using a smartphone as the small screen size may detract from the classroom experience.

Unfortunately, we are not able to refund individual missed classes, as the tutor has already dedicated the time to teach. We will, however, provide a worksheet with the activities and topic outlines which were missed.

Once the bootcamp has commenced, the course fee is unrefundable due to the commitment made by our Instructor in terms of time and preparation. It may be possible, however, to switch to a different bootcamp if there are places available.